Let yourself be inspired by the philosophy and craft of the Seer to become a unique individual.

Each webinar comes with a specific focus and takes a conceptual approach, which makes it easy to make it your own.

The result is a simple, yet dynamic process that gives you greater depth in your personal development without being too heavy.

Webinar: Earth Element Meditation (free)

Empower yourself with better structure through the Earth Element Meditation.

This webinar helps you find your focus for structure, and takes you through the five conceptual steps of a Seer-style meditation.

It then teaches you how to integrate your focus with the earth element of your mind to make it easier unfolding yourself in life.

The webinar is free.

Duration: 30 minutes. Works on any smartphone. For your safety and privacy, the webinar is end-to-end encrypted.

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Until then, stay on the trail.

Michell Léon