The love letter.

When doubt sneaks in about your voice as a writer, there is a great exercise from the emotional water element that will make you feel good about it.

The love letter.

By Michell Léon

Trusting your voice as a writer can be hard. There are so many good writers out there, and it's inevitable to compare yourself to them.

When browsing a bookshop and reading the first few pages of their books, you are in awe of their ability to bring their voice to the page like that; and you start questioning yourself, and if you will ever be able to write like them.

Trust it

You won't. Ever. But you will be able to write like you if you trust your voice. They have their voices, and you have yours. That's how it works. All writers are inspired by each other, but all writers have their individual voice.

The trick is to trust it. I mean, really trust it.

That's hard, though, if it's not fully developed. You risk doubt sneaking in, and in the worst case scenario, it makes you give up on writing. To cope with such doubt, you can do a writing exercise that's part of the emotional water-element, and which makes you feel good about your voice.

It is this: