The importance of values.

It's one of the writing tasks we often avoid, but it's both helpful and important for understanding how we interact with other people.

The importance of values.

By Michell Léon

I was recently writing a boring Terms & Conditions text for a website, and in the middle of my self-pity over having to deal with such a tedious task, I came up with a great exercise I want to share with you today.

Even though such a text isn't my favourite piece of writing, it's quite useful to have. It sets some clear boundaries to how people can interact with you, and you can use it for a lot more than people's behaviour on a website.


It occurred to me that at the ground of any kind of terms and conditions, we find values. Not only that, but it's essentially about being fair to each other when we interact, and by setting a clear framework for it, we communicate our basic human values.

That's a good thing because it allows us to understand each other on a fundamental level.

It's often what happens to me, for instance, when I meet new people at a dinner party or something like that. Before I know it, I am discussing a subject that demands a clear awareness of my values in life, and as a result, I have done a lot of thinking about them.

Don't compromise

Maybe it's just me to always end up in conversations like that (it probably is) but it's not so bad being clear about your values. It helps in a lot of ways when you have to make big decisions, because if you compromise on your values in that situation, you are doomed.

So, in extension of that, what I want you to do this week is this,