The forgotten roots.

We depend on our roots to define who we are, but often we have forgotten important parts of our roots that have shaped us more than we know.

The forgotten roots.

By Michell Léon

From time to time it's essential to go back to the roots of our being and connect with them. It helps us define who we are and is often a healthy reminder of, why we got to where we are now.

Not surprisingly, our roots belong to the earth element, which is our structure, foundation, and environment in life. It's everything from country, culture, and language, to parents, social status, and way of living.

It's all the stuff we remember from our childhood, and all the stuff we have chosen to forget. The reasons behind our choices in life.

To connect with it can be quite a mouthful, and usually we only pick a few selected good things, which we then call our roots.

But to fully comprehend who we are, it's necessary to also pick a couple of the things we have forgotten.

As a result, what you are going to do in this week's exercise is,