The bridge to your innovative nature.

A natural mindset for humanity.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has used the five elements to find its way in life.

The mindset is the bridge.

The mindset of the five elements has carried humanity on its shoulders for thousands of years and has nature as its source. Using it connects you with your innovative nature — and thereby the future.

Long term thinking.

It is human nature to be a conscious being and develop new solutions and ways through life. That's why your conscious growth is key to the future.

However, if your thinking is not part of nature as a whole, your solutions become short term. Simply because nature will always break down what doesn't serve it.

Back to unity.

When you connect your thinking with the five elements, you reestablish your connection with nature. You become part of unity and make decisions based on your symbiosis with it.

Train your mindset.

Explore your innovative nature on our digital workshops. They train you in viewing problems and contexts in five different perspectives. The result is clarity about the road ahead.

Earth element.

The earth element is our foundation. The ground of all actions and the structure for our lives.

It's also our body, heritage, and environment. Our values and experiences. The very starting point for who we are.

Water element.

The water element is the source of life and its continual flow. It's our emotions and the ability to feel ourselves and others. Including our empathic abilities and the feeling of being connected.

It's also our circulatory system, immune system, and sexual drive, and therefore to a wide degree our combined state of being.

Fire element.

The fire element is thinking. Both the rational and the creative kind. It's our cognitive functions and abilities to learn, invent, and communicate.

It's also our will power and thereby science, technology, art, culture, philosophy, and humor. The very key to the world of humanity.

Air element.

The air element is speech, dialogue, and music. It's scent, breathing and its rhythm, as well as the ability to regulate our bodily functions. For example our pulse and nervous system, which we can regulate through our breath.

It's also intuition and faith. Deciding factors for our actions and path through life.

Space-Time element.

The space-time element is action, since our actions always take place on a timeline and in a given space. As we know from science, time and space cannot be separated. They always work together.

The space-time element is also non-action. The ability to stop and be present without any other action than that. Hence, meditation belongs to the space-time element.


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