Break your Burnout – module 3

Welcome to module 3!

You made it to the final level!

That’s total badass, and it shows you are willing to push on until the end. A true unique individual with focus, discipline, and persistence.

As said before, the independent lifestyle is amazing, but it takes a good strategy to not burn out and always see things in new perspectives. In all simplicity, that's you.

So, thanks for your commitment. You are a trailblazer. Now give it everything you have got one last time.

Michell Léon

The module has three parts:

Part 1: Clarification of motivation and goal.
Part 2: Five mini-sessions.
Part 3: Evaluation.

In total, the module will take you a couple of hours to complete.


Motivation & Goal

Know your goal and the motivation behind it before embarking on a new journey.


Each mini-session below focuses on a certain perspective. Work your way through them in any order that suits you. The important thing is that you get through them all.

Foundation and structure.

Strengthen your foundation and structure, and be aware of your pain-points.

Emotional states.

Get to know your emotional states and avoid being drained by them.

Mental states.

Overcome the mental states that don't support you.

Conversational ability.

Improve your way of having a conversation.

Time on your hand.

Develop a better relationship with time.

How close are you?

Evaluate your process to stay on track. It sharpens your awareness.


You finished the program!

There is nothing like achieving a goal you have worked hard for. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Remember to celebrate it. You have earned it.

Thanks again for your commitment, and for using Five Element Mindset to become a better version of yourself.

I'm are super excited on your behalf. You are truly a unique individual!

The world is waiting for you. Go change it for the better.

Happy trails.

Michell Léon