Believe in Yourself – module 2

Welcome to module 2!

You made it to the next level! That’s so cool, and it shows that you are a unique individual with focus and discipline.

As said before, believing in yourself is the most fundamental parts of being a unique individual. You have to be extremely aware of yourself, and always see things in different perspectives to stay on top of your game. It certainly seems you fit that description.

So, thanks for your commitment. It’s really great to have you here. Now give it everything you have got one more time.

Michell Léon

The module has three parts:

Part 1: Clarification of motivation and goal.
Part 2: Five mini-sessions.
Part 3: Evaluation.

In total, the module will take you a couple of hours to complete. At the end of the module, there is a link to the next one.


Motivation & Goal

Know your goal and the motivation behind it before embarking on a new journey.


Each mini-session below focuses on a certain perspective. Work your way through them in any order that suits you. The important thing is that you get through them all.

Foundation and resources.

Strengthen your foundation, and take advantage of your resources.

Emotions and flow.

Increase your emotional flow, and be the most natural version of yourself.

Thoughts and convictions.

Make your thoughts and mental convictions support you.

Intuitive awareness.

Listen to yourself, and use your intuition to make the right decisions.

Action and time.

Focus your activities and the time you spend on them.

How close are you?

Evaluate your process to stay on track. It sharpens your awareness.


You have finished the module! That calls for a small celebration!

Thanks again for your commitment. You are truly awesome!

Whenever you are ready, move on to the next module.