Five Element Mindset is a personal development brand with a mission to empower unique individuals worldwide.

It's founded by Seer & Writer, Michell Léon, to make it easier being a unique individual. From his own experience, he knows all too well how hard it is being a person with a unique mind and skill set in a world ruled by standardization.

Originally educated as a journalist, he literally went from being a political speechwriter at top government level in Denmark to a Seer overnight. An extreme shift in his life he later wrote a book about.

It made him understand how important unique individuals are for driving society and evolution forward. They create the unexpected solutions of the future, and we need them more than ever.

Unfortunately, many never realize their unique potential, so Michell Léon created Five Element Mindset to make it easier achieving the mastery of it.

Adventure into Science!
“I have had great use of Michell Léon and his ability to perceive a complex world of science in order to help me get into the very core of my research and personal motivation. It resulted in the creation of my motto and beacon, “Adventure into Science”, and set in motion a process that developed me as a human being, a leader, and a scientist.”
Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, DTU Bioengineering.

Becoming a Seer

I learned my craft as a Seer from internationally acclaimed Seer, Calle Montségur, a.k.a. the Seer from Andalusia. We met in 2006 with the purpose of writing a book together, but instead I became Calle Montségur's closed-door student until his death in 2007.

To understand it all better, I started researching the science of consciousness. This brought me to India, where I became friends with Yogi Manmoyanand from the Saraswati lineage. He helped put my quest into the context of Indian mythology (Sankhya philosophy) and provided me with a deeper scientific understanding of it.

Although, I got the very crystallization of Calle Montségur's knowledge and skill set, and the help to understand it, it took me a long time to accept it, and I tried to run from it by becoming a tech-entrepreneur.

However, no one can escape their destiny, and neither could I. I finally took the role as a Seer upon me and accepted the task of modernizing it to pave the way for the future of mankind.

Seers have been part of society since the beginning of time with the purpose of guiding people to live in balance with the universe. Being a link in the chain of a thousand-year old tradition of Seers is a humbling and challenging experience, which I do my best to grow with every day.

Michell Léon

Michell Léon

Space to grow!
“Michell Léon has been part of fundamentally changing my life over a period of ten years. With great patience, he has given me the space to grow at my own pace to find my path in life. He is the warmest, most intelligent, and inspiring person, and he gives you a real chance of transforming your life.”
Sofia Viktoria Christensen, MA of Educational Psychology, Consultant & Debater.

Unique Individuals

Being a unique individual is hard. Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, or scientist (or specially gifted), it takes courage, focus, and determination to unfold yourself.

Life is ruled by a mentality of standardization, and for any unique individual it's a struggle to develop yourself on the basis of your uniqueness.

Five Element Mindset makes it easier. When you master it, you master life.

A new paradigm

The human race has entered a new paradigm that requires a different mindset.

Here, the industrial mentality is replaced with the ability to be unique individuals, who dare challenge existing solutions and innovate new ones.

In the new paradigm, you have to be constantly inspired to think in new ways.

Five natural perspectives

Five Element Mindset gives you five natural perspectives to any problem.

When you think according to the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space you connect with nature and make better, faster, and more natural decisions.

It’s an intuitive interface for your mind.